【ADK-ETF】ADK ETF will happen in the near future!! English edition.


【ADK-ETF】ADK ETF will happen in the near future!!

I have a dream!

I want people in the world to know the technology of ADK.

I have a wish!

It is the development of Kenyan economy.


Hello everyone in the world. I am Japanese and write articles about Crypto currency ADK. I am Shinshin.

Please take a look to the end.Thank you.

8 months from that article.

Once every few years, technology appears to change everything.

I would be lucky if I could achieve that once, but this opportunity is coming to ADK.

Released crypto currency ADK in 2017.

The time has come to change the financial network.

It will change the financial industry to such an extent that it can not be understood by conventional common sense.

We will announce the revolutionary financial services that will come.


Crypto world’s first ETF


Revolutionary online banking


Building a revolutionary financial network

【Encryption Currency】-【NSE Stock Exchange】-【Sumac Bank】

In a word, it is such a thing.

【Crypto ADK】-【ADKETF】-【Online Banking】

Did you understand ?

Instead of the three areas that were independent, they connect each other.

Cryptographic currency and legal currency become one.

ADK is inventing a revolutionary financial network.

What is a financial network ?

In general, banks, securities transactions, and cryptocurrencies can not co-exist together.

Because banks deal with legal currency and crypto currency is not legal currency.

But cryptocurrency is not smart.

And it’s also troublesome to buy ADK.

It is not wise to buy BTC in legal currency, send money, and buy ADK.

Just remembering the basic operations is very hard.

So it doesn’t spread and what we want is

Superior to any bank in the world and easy to operate by anyone.

That is what ADK has been aiming for, Aidos kuneen!

Why do we need a revolution?

Banks choose people and there are poor people who can not have an account.

They can offer them fast remittances with bank accounts and mobile devices by ADK.

And with ADK, the remittance fee is free.

You can do these transactions with your mobile wallet without using a PC.

ADK provides smart, smart, fast and cheap financial networks.

Kenyan economic growth and living standards will also rise.


ADK will be stronger.

This article is more than that.

I think ADK’s technology will change the financial industry. It is also an attractive investment. I want people in the world to know this wonderful project. Thank you for reading to the end!


I’m sorry. I still can not write English well. But I have a feeling for ADK! See you.

ADK(Aidos kuneen) official website⇒it’s here