[ADK-ETF] What kind of project is the cryptocurrency ADK?


[ADK-ETF] What is the attraction of cryptocurrency ADK?

I recently learned about ADK, what kind of coin is it?

Is there a future?

I will answer these questions.

As I write this article, I collect information about ADK every day.

In my blog, I will write with the goal of being able to understand even a beginner with zero knowledge.

Ricardo Badoer’s existence that values ​​investors

ADK operator Ricardo Badoer has been involved in offshore banking for over 16 years.

The first impression is scary, but I value investors very much.

However, work is a person who always gives results very quickly.

Here are some of our past achievements】

He is the owner of two banks, the owner of two club teams, and the owner of news sites and TV stations .

【Bank】SumacBank (Kenya) HakikaBank(Tanzania)
【Football】WazitoFC  CDUrsaria 
【News site】BusinessToday  【TV station】MadgoatTv

ADKETF is being realized

What are the benefits of ADKETF?

(1) Leading to credit by striving to comply with the laws and regulations of banks and stock exchanges.

It becomes easier for large investors to enter.

(2) Simplified purchasing method → ​​Transactions can be made with a single phone call.

Large investors are also likely to enter.

Ricardo Badoer has done what BTC has done in the past eight years in just one year. At this stage (August 6, 2019), the necessary procedures have been completed, so we are waiting for the announcement of NSE (Nairobi Stock Exchange).

How many ADKs are issued?

[Total number of ADK issued = 25 million]
“ As of August 2019 ”
・ Foundation held = 9.8 million
・ Developer possession = 5 million copies
・ ADK on the market = 10.2 million
This is the ADK that is locked up when listed on the NSE.⇓
・ 300,000 ADK out of 9.8 million copies owned by the Foundation will be sent to NSE and held for actual use of ADK / ETF
・ Of the 9.8 million copies held by the Foundation, approximately 2.2 million ADK will be held (locked up) as collateral for NSE’s ADK / ETF.
* Lock-up means not selling the ADK in the market. This will prevent the market from being disturbed by selling a large amount of ADK.

Online banking

What is the purpose of online banking?

Open an account in a developing country
Provide offshore bank to wealthy people

*ADK is a coin created for use by people who do not have a bank account and banking network (offshore).

The offshore market is an international financial market where regulations and tax systems that are separate from the domestic market are applied in asset management conducted across countries.

The market size is said to be about 3200 trillion yen, and ADK aims to acquire a 0.5% share of the market. (I still do n’t know if it ’s 100%)

Furthermore, there was a remark that 10% of interest per year (I think there are conditions) when depositing at Sumac Bank. This is still in the planning stage, but it would be attractive if it could be realized.

Online banking has also been audited and is waiting for official announcement from Sumac Bank.

Please see here if you are interested.⇓

ADK official website

Ricardo BadoerTwitter


I would be happy if it would be helpful(・ω・)ノ

Lastly, see Ricardo Badoer message that touched my heart.

“The people who invested in the ADK project will be rich. But then I am also rich. So don’t say“ thank you ”. We are working hard for the same purpose.”


Thank you for watching to the end!