【ADK-Cryptocurrency exchange】BITLOCUS exchange where you can buy ADK in euro.


【ADK-Cryptocurrency exchange】BITLOCUS exchange where you can buy ADK in euro.

「I’m recently investigating ADK.Are there any exchanges where you can buy ADK in legal currency?」I answer these questions.

In conclusion, there is only one.

It is the BITLOCUS exchange.

Although it is a new exchange, you can purchase ADK in euro.

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What kind of person do you recommend?

Recommended for people in countries where the euro is available.

Because you can buy in the legal currency Euro, you can make smart transactions.

The countries where accounts cannot be created are listed on the BITLOCUS website. Check

About trading pairs and fees

BTC / EUR0.1%(Maker)0.2%(Taker)10.00ユーロ(Minimum transaction amount)
ETH / EUR0.1%0.2%10.00ユーロ
LYM / EUR0.1%0.2%10.00ユーロ
ADK / EUR0.1%0.2%10.00ユーロ

Maker is cheaper( *´艸`)

BTC and ADK withdrawal fees

BTCBTC 0.00000000
Minimum deposit amount – BTC 0.00001
BTC 0.0005
Minimum withdrawal amount – BTC 0.00001
ADK(エイドスクニーン)ADK 0.00000000ADK 0.00000000

Free for ADK!A simple introduction to ADK features.

ADK features

・ Remittance fee is free

・ Remittance speed is fast

・ Anonymity of remittance destination

・ Quantum tolerance


ADK features are excellent(・ω・)ノ

This is the end of this article.


・It seems to be a convenient exchange for those who live in the euro area.

Free for ADK.

・Expected exchange.

Since BITLOCUS is still a new exchange, there are few ADK buying boards. I recommend the ADK market now.

I think that it will be an exchange that will be needed in the future for the euro zone.


I would be happy if it would be helpful!

See you(#^^#)